If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience here at Rosenberg Orthodontics!!


Extremely Accommodating

“This office is very patient-oriented. It is efficient; we only waited five minutes to be called in. The women working at the front desk were friendly and welcoming. Dr. Rosenberg has a great sense of humor, which helped ease my son’s mind. The proposed cost as well as my payment options were explained in detail, and all of my questions were thoroughly answered. They also make every effort to accommodate your schedule by providing appointment options M-Sat. at different times and office locations. This is very helpful for any working parent and greatly appreciated.”
— Jacob, Canton

Five-star orthodontist!

“Wow! Dr. Rosenberg went above and beyond in taking care of our daughter. After the wire had become dislodged from her brackets, Dr. Rosenberg arranged to meet us after hours at an office location close to our home. He was kind, understanding, and professional. We cannot thank him enough for the personal service and availability. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Rosenberg. He has earned our respect and we recommend him highly to anyone who is in need of an orthodontist.”
— Lauren, West Hartford

Quick and friendly

“My dog ate my retainer and I needed an emergency consult to be fitted for a new one as soon as possible. I was able to get an appointment for that afternoon. i was shocked yet relieved. I was in and out in a little over 30 minutes. The staff was courteous and friendly and Dr. Edwards was equally pleasant. I would definately recommend them to anyone looking for orthodontic services.”
— Tiffany, Wethersfield

Great experience

“We have really enjoyed the entire three-year experience. The professionalism and the staff have been great. It’s a very friendly environment and the technology is great. We have only been to the Wethersfield office and have been very pleased. They have video games, magazines, wi-fi, and complimentary coffee and hot chocolate. In addition, there are chairs by each station for the parents. They explain things very well. One night my daughter was having issues with her Herbst appliance on a Thursday and Dr. Edwards met us a 8:00 p.m.! That was actually the first time we met her and after that we always requested her. We really enjoyed working with Dr. Edwards!!!”
— Shannon, Wethersfield

Five Stars ... Amazing!

“Everyone is always so helpful and caring. They are starting to call me by my first name and remembering events or plans, such as my daughter’s fifth birthday, that have happened between visits. It’s like visiting with a friend.”
— Stephanie C., Canton

Very organized, friendly office

“The text and email appointment confirmations and reminders are great and so convenient. The self-serve coffee and cookie station, video games, and self check-in in West Hartford are great and make for an easy, pleasant experience. Going to the other offices when needed is a snap and your staff makes it easy.”
— Susan, West Hartford

Reason to Smile

“My appointment for a consultation was terrific. I was very impressed with the attention I received and their interest in making sure I was comfortable and informed.”
— Althea, Newington

Mother of three in braces

“The staff you employ is the best. In the five years since I have been coming to your offices, I have NEVER experienced any staff member being rude to me. Everyone has always been pleasant and rarely have I had to wait more than five minutes for my appointment. Usually I sign in and do not even have time to sit when my children are called. I had three children in braces all at the same time. Since I did not want to make three trips to the offices every six weeks, the staff went out of their way to get the appointments at the same time. With three children in braces you can imagine it was costly; however, Rosenberg Orthodontics created a manageable payment plan for me. I have and will continue to recommend Rosenberg Orthodontics.”
— Rebecca, Canton

Best orthodontics practice for your kids

“We interviewed several orthodontic practices and chose Rosenberg. Friends had recommended them, but what made up our minds was the friendliness and professionalism of everyone we met.”
— Rachel P., Wethersfield

Second Consultation

“My daughter recently saw Dr. Rosenberg for her second consultation. He recommended that we return in eight months because she still has teeth to lose. He could have ordered her to have them extracted but told us that the results won’t change whether we go that route or let nature take its course. I really appreciate his honesty. Thanks, Dr. Rosenberg!”
— Gabrielle, Newington

Dr. Rosenberg and his staff

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Rosenberg’s office for the last eight years. My oldest two kids got braces with Dr. Rosenberg, I got braces, and I’ll bring my little one too, in a few years to Dr. Rosenberg. I never thought of changing because the treatment you receive even on the phone is outstanding. The girls are so nice, friendly, and efficient. To schedule an appointment, the girls try to help you with your schedule and they’re very patient. Dr. Rosenberg takes the time to talk to you to answer any concern you may have. I believe him and his staff are the best!”
— Marta Z., West Hartford

Amelia’s Dental Chair Perspective!

“My experience with Dr. Rosenberg’s office to date has been wonderful!!! My smile has been improved already in the first six months after only having an expander and braces on my top teeth. I was really nervous at first, but everyone at Dr. Rosenberg’s office made it so comfortable and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this office to anyone that needs braces. Also, it was fun to show my friends my new colorful bands every time I had them changed. P.S. Loved the cookies!!!”
— Amelia, Canton

The word “braces” shouldn’t worry you ...

“... that is, not if you work with Dr. Rosenberg and all of the great people at Rosenberg Orthodontics. From the very beginning when I first learned that my daughter would require braces, I was worried that I would not be able to afford them. Well, Dr. Rosenberg helped me come up with a payment schedule that I was comfortable with and eliminated those concerns. Next, we found that she needed a procedure that would require an oral surgeon ... once again, he recommended a wonderful oral surgeon who gave us a great experience and was able to do exactly what Dr. Rosenberg had hoped, and we were able to save the two teeth in question. Lastly, let’s not forget that the overall experience ... from day one until the day we will soon have the braces removed, has been exceptional because of the wonderful staff!!! Patient care and customer service IS their primary concern, which is evident. I have no reservations saying I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of quality care and is looking for a great orthodontist to work with!”
— Catherine P., Wethersfield

Best customer service and follow-up care

“My daughter and I both are patients and have never been disappointed with the service and care. I recently completed my first treatment with Dr. Rosenberg after having worn braces 20 years ago and am extremely satisfied with the outcome this time. The care was exceptional, including having the doctor call me at home to ‘see how I was doing’ after getting my braces on a few days earlier. My daughter and I both continue to visit for follow-up care and retainer checks, and the service is as fabulous now as it was when we started treatment. Kudos to the Rosenberg Team!”
— Janice Y, Newington

Great place for all ages

“Dr. Rosenberg explained the treatment and next step. All appointments went according to the plan so far. Office is inviting and not intimidating, expecially for kids. I would recommend this office for orthodontic treatments.”
— Carrie, Canton

Best and Foremost Orthodontic Practice in Connecticut

“There is no place like Rosenberg Orthodontics! It’s not a typical dental office practice setting. It’s a place that makes you feel at home with super-helpful, courteous staff and excellent amenities and incentives to help patients comply with their treatments.”
— Don, Wethersfield

Great orthodontist office top to bottom!

“Dr. Rosenberg’s office is top-notch. Every staff person is extremely friendly and always very helpful, from the front office to the back. Dr. Rosenberg has put together a great experience for patients and family. He and Dr. Johnson did a fantastic job with our daughter’s teeth and we expect the same with our son. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of orthodontic care.”
— Jackson D., Newington

Rosenberg, best orthodontics office

“Every time we go to Rosenberg Orthodontics, the experience is very positive, the front desk service is of top quality, the girls are very professional, then you go to see the clinicians and doctor and the service still is of high quality. They are the best: my son is really happy that I took him there for his braces and my daughter is looking forward to her turn. My oldest son also went here and keeps the memories of such a good service he always received. Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. Edwards have taken care of my sons, and I can say that they are very personable and professional. They treat you with respect and are always willing to listen to your concerns. Thank you, Rosenberg Orthodontics for such a great service and for making my children smile so beautiful.”
— Judy, West Hartford

Outstanding orthodontic practice for patients with special needs

“I highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg’s practice to any child or adult with special needs, specifically kids on the autistic spectrum. The staff is professional, informative, and has a special knack for making the kids feel safe and comfortable during the appointment.”
— Steven, Wethersfield

Great Place For Braces

“We have been going to Rosenberg Orthodontics for the past ten years with our three daughters and will be starting soon with our son. Everyone in the office is always so nice and friendly and treatments are explained very clearly by the girls in the office and Dr. Rosenberg. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone.”
— Kevin C., Canton

Excellent Orthodontist!

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rosenberg for almost ten months now. After only six months, I was able to have my upper Invisalign braces removed. In the beginning, I was afraid that after every appointment my teeth would hurt because this is what I remember hearing others say. That has not been the case! Dr. Rosenberg and his staff are fantastic! Everyone is very friendly and I love the fact that no one ever makes me feel like just another patient. Everyone there takes their time with each patient and answers any and all questions you may have. I also liked that the wait time was very short for each appointment. The longest I may have had to wait to be seen may have been about five minutes. If anyone is looking for a great orthodontist with a great staff, please look no further. You will definately find this at Rosenberg Orthodontics!!!”
— Dianne K., West Hartford

The Best Orthodontic Facility Ever!

“I can still remember wondering if my daughter’s teeth would get even close to looking straight after braces. Her teeth were beyond crooked, but the staff and doctors assured us and did an awesome job! Thank you all!”
— Gabrielle G., Newington

Rosenberg Orthodontics Rock

“Rosenberg Orthodontics, you are the best, the environment is soooo friendly. Your staff is always smiling and the doctors are great! I am glad I chose you for my braces, and even though they are off now, I still come in for after-care and you do a wonderful job. I also love how you have so much entertainment while I wait, from TV to Internet and games. No other office has that, that I know of, and we love that I can book appointments at four locations. You are the best!”
— Elia, Wethersfield

“If you want to have the BEST, this is the place to be. From the comfort of the waiting room to the amenities of Xbox and coffee and refreshments while you’re waiting. Everyone is just happy to be there; it is very rare to see an office like this ....”
— Dalton, West Hartford

Courteous Staff

“The staff and assistants are very courteous and kind. They always ask how you are and talk to the kids to make them feel at ease. The doctors are awesome. They are always attentive and answer all your questions. I really like that the wait time is usually very short. I would highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg and his staff to my friends and family.”
— Charles,Canton

I'm Important!

“I just got my braces off! I always feel very good visiting the office, all the staff are friendly and make me feel like I am important. The staff is very courteous and everyone has a genuine smile on their face whenever I go to my appointments. When asked if I could suggest any changes, I sat and thought for over five minutes ... and I couldn’t think of one change needed! I love Rosenberg Orthodontics!”
— Brandon B., West Hartford

Totally delighted!

“I am totally delighted with Rosenberg Orthodontics! They provide games, computers, and coffee, while providing an extremely friendly environment. The new Canton office is fantastic and the front staff is very accommodating with appointments. The technicians are knowledgeable and nurturing with the patients. Our family loves that they put on fundraising events. They encourage advertisement with movie tickets. They even got a teenager to write a thank-you note to their parent. I don’t think they could do more! The only thing we ever noticed was some busy afternoons with Dr. Rosenberg, but we all know that’s because he gives all kids and parents personalized customer service.”
— CM Dropick, Canton


“I’m impressed with the positive teamwork I saw between the staff. They are such all-stars ... always helping each other.”
— LC, Newington

Improve your smile at Rosenberg Orthodontics

“Thank you to everyone at Rosenberg Orthodontics for giving me my smile. In fact, when I smile I’m going to tell people that it’s all because of Dr. Rosenberg and the outstanding staff!! Everyone is nice and very professional!! I would highly recommend the practice to anyone who wants to improve their smile.”
— Bryan, Wethersfield

“They exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend them!”
— Samantha M., Canton

“I love the way Dr. Rosenberg takes the time to speak to each patient and make them feel valued.”
— Nayda F., Canton

Love this office

“Everything was great! Appointments were on time, staff was always pleasant. Looking forward to coming back with my other daughter!”
— Avolese Family, Wethersfield

"They are terrific and I appreciate the way they accommodate my daughter's curiosity about orthodontics since she wants to be an orthodontist.”
— Aron Family, West Hartford

“The doctors and staff were very supportive. Your office is very kid-friendly and Lauren enjoyed the perks – i.e., T-shirt, movie tickets, milkshake coupons, etc.”
— Porell Family, Wethersfield

“I cannot tell you how much of a contrast exists between your practice and that of our previous experience. You have your hearts in the right place – Thank you!!”
— Hayes Family, West Hartford

“I will continue to refer your office to others. Your office is ‘state of the art.’ ”
— Ezold Family, Wethersfield

“Your staff is very kind and courteous. Also, every question that is asked, it is answered thoroughly.”
— Mezzio Family, Newington

“We could not have asked for a better experience! We’ll miss you!”
— Grindrod Family, Canton

“I love it! I brag about you guys all in school and now everyone wants braces from you!”
— Danielle, Wethersfield

“The staff is very courteous and informative. We could have found a closer orthodontist, but really like the services with Dr. Rosenberg.”
— The Coleman Family, West Hartford

“I always feel welcomed by smiling and attentive staff!”
— The Patz Family, Wethersfield

“We feel you all are wonderful. Our experiences over these past few years were super all the time.”
— The Marinelli Family, Newington

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