Invisalign® Treatment in Hartford County, CT

What is invisalign Treatment?

Well-aligned, straight teeth are not just beautiful, they are more comfortable and healthier. An improper bite and crooked teeth may lead to future dental concerns that may be expensive to fix and painful. This is why our skilled team of dental professionals is happy to provide advanced Invisalign treatment — clear, removable aligners for our patients. Made custom to fit your teeth and your unique goals, Invisalign aligners are more comfortable and attractive than metal orthodontics because they may be taken out to make eating and cleaning your teeth easier. If you are interested in experiencing healthier teeth with advanced Invisalign technology, make an appointment at Rosenberg Orthodontics to meet with one of our Invisalign orthodontists in Hartford, County, CT.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Many of our patients find there are several advantages of Invisalign teeth straightening. Some of the most common Invisalign benefits include:

  • Fewer orthodontic emergencies
  • Comfortable, removable clear aligners
  • No food or drink restrictions
  • Oral hygiene is easier to maintain
  • Just as effective as traditional metal braces

Who should get clear aligners?

There are multiple factors that may determine the alignment of your teeth, such as:

  • If you sucked your thumb when younger
  • Genetics
  • If you're missing a tooth or teeth
  • If you've experienced physical trauma to your face.

Additionally, if your teeth are misaligned, it may cause more oral health concerns, such as:

  • A bad bite (dental malocclusion)
  • Uneven wear on the enamel
  • Difficulty chewing and speaking
  • Jaw pain
  • Toothaches.

If our team finds one of these concerns in your annual dental examination, we can suggest an orthodontic procedure, like Invisalign Orthodontics. An Invisalign treatment is ideal for both teens and adults who would like straighter, healthier teeth without the hassle, pain, and look of braces. Even though the aligners should be in place for the majority of the day, your aligners may be removed for cleaning your teeth and eating, plus for special occasions and physical activities. Much less obvious than traditional orthodontics that pokes and cut the inside of your cheeks, your family and friends will probably not realize that you are using your Invisalign aligners.

I can’t say enough good about Rosenberg Orthodontics. I went there as a child for my braces and now I bring my son for Invisalign. From the first encounter, the people I met were great and very knowledgeable. The new technology they have is so cool. I spoke to Dr Rosenberg who is still the best orthodontist! He’s a top level Invisalign doctor and I can’t believe he remembered me and my mom from the days she brought me. I love that I’m continuing the tradition with them. I know my son will benefit so much from the latest and greatest they have to offer!

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My daughter just finished her Invisalign treatment she loves her beautiful new smile. Thank you to dr Rosenberg and his staff who are very friendly, helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend this practice.

L.P. Google

Excellent staff, professional and so kind! Dr. Rosenberg is so personable and knowledgeable! I just got Invisalign & they were so good at explaining everything and answering all my questions! Highly recommend!

S.M. Google

Excellent staff, professional and so kind! Dr. Rosenberg is so personable and knowledgeable! I just got Invisalign & they were so good at explaining everything and answering all my questions! Highly recommend!

S.R. Google

Very welcoming and detailed with explaining how my Invisalign was going work, they made it not confusing. Would highly recommend!

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How does Invisalign Treatment work?

After meeting with one of our Invisalign orthodontists, we will have your first custom Invisalign aligners made. When they are ready, you will come back to our Hartford County, CT office for your initial trays. We'll meet with you to give you instructions on how to use, clean, and care for your aligners. You should keep your aligners in for at least 20 hours every day for your treatment to work, ideally taking them out only for cleaning and eating. In time, you will move on to your next set of aligning trays as they carefully shift your teeth closer to proper alignment. You need to attend appointments around every 4 – 6 weeks at Rosenberg Orthodontics to have your aligning trays evaluated and to get new impressions done so your next set of trays can be ordered. How long you need to use the Invisalign system will differ, considering the initial condition of your teeth and your goals; however, many patients need to wear trays for around a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

The length of time it takes to complete Invisalign treatment depends on the complexity of each individual case and a patient’s compliance with following the treatment plan. On average, Invisalign treatment may take between 1 – 2 years. During your consultation, our Rosenberg Orthodontics providers can discuss the estimated timeframe for your care.

What happens if I don’t wear my aligners for 20 hours each day?

Wearing your Invisalign aligners for 20–22 hours each day is crucial to staying on track with your treatment plan and targeted completion date. If you fail to follow the recommended protocol, it can take longer to complete your care, and may require additional treatment if your teeth move back to their previous positions.

What if I break or lose an aligner?

If you happen to damage or lose one of your aligners, it's very important to contact our office promptly. Our Invisalign dentists will provide you with additional instructions and will work quickly to order a replacement aligner for you.

What foods should I avoid when undergoing Invisalign treatment?

While Invisalign aligners don't have the same food restrictions as braces, there are still some foods you may want to avoid. Those include:

  • Hard foods
  • Sticky
  • Sugary and acidic beverages
  • Staining foods and drinks

It's important to remember you should never eat with your aligners in and you should always brush your teeth after eating and before putting your aligners back in to avoid staining them. We also want you to remember that everything is okay in moderation as long as you are diligent about your oral health routine.

Is Invisalign treatment more expensive than braces?

In general, Invisalign treatment tends to be comparable in cost to traditional braces, with some cases being slightly more expensive due to the advanced technology and materials used in the aligners. However, the price can vary based on several factors, including your specific needs, the duration of treatment, and more. Our team will work with you to find a treatment method that works with your lifestyle and budget.

What shouldn't you do with an Invisalign on?

While wearing Invisalign aligners, it's important to avoid certain actions to ensure the success of your treatment and the longevity of the aligners. Here's what you shouldn't do:

  • Eat or drink anything besides water 
  • Smoke or use tobacco products
  • Skip wearing the aligners for the recommended duration each day
  • Use harsh cleaning agents or toothpaste that may scratch or damage the aligners

What happens after clear aligner treatment?

As soon as your bite is aligned, it is vital to prevent your teeth from shifting into their original position. Vivera® retainers by Invisalign are created using the same materials to keep your teeth in position once your Invisalign treatment is complete. Every retainer is made custom at the Invisalign dental lab based on impressions taken after your orthodontic treatment is done. Our team will discuss with you how long to wear your retainer, as well as how to clean it after it is sent from the laboratory. Additionally, we will keep watching the alignment of your teeth and bite during your dental examinations to make sure your teeth stay in their new place.

Does insurance cover Clear Aligners?

A portion of Invisalign treatment may be covered under dental insurance. Our team can determine your coverage and figure out your remaining fees. Rosenberg Orthodontics accepts many forms of payment if you are not using insurance. At your Invisalign consultation, our Invisalign orthodontist will talk about how much your treatment may cost and how our office can help to make your Invisalign treatment fit into your budget with payment plans and medical financing.

Straighter teeth with invisalign clear aligners

If you or someone in your family is wanting healthier, straighter teeth without the inconvenience of metal braces, make an appointment at one of our Hartford County locations to receive more information on advanced teeth straightening with the Invisalign system. We will create your personalized Invisalign plan in your consultation at Rosenberg Orthodontics and help start you on the journey to a great smile.

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