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What is the herbst appliance?

At Rosenberg Orthodontics, our skilled dentists have years of experience in performing advanced orthodontics that correct the dentofacial structures. Rosenberg Orthodontics is pleased to provide the Invisalign Herbst appliance. The process combines the Herbst device with orthodontics to correct severe malocclusion problems. If you have upper molars that protrude too much or a serious overbite, this appliance can be positioned to tackle these issues. As this method reshapes the teeth, conventional braces or dental aligners are generally utilized to direct the teeth at the same time. Receive more information about adding the Herbst device to your orthodontics during your consultation at one of our locations in Hartford County.

What Are the Benefits of a Herbst Appliance?

The Herbst appliance is frequently used to correct the bite alignment of individuals with an extreme overbite, posterior crossbite, narrow arch cases, and upper jaw protrusion. Our orthodontists typically recommend this appliance for children to help secure their long-term dental health into adulthood. In addition to improved dental health, the Herbst appliance offers a more appealing appearance than traditional headgear. When used in conjunction with Invisalign clear aligners, the aesthetic benefits of the Herbst appliance with Invisalign are twofold.

Who should get the herbst appliance?

A Herbst device is for individuals who have an extreme overbite, posterior crossbite, narrow arch, or upper jaw protrusion. The appliance is constructed from metal, acrylic, and springs. The Herbst device is usually suggested for younger patients since it helps protect their long-term health. Additionally, the aesthetic advantages are a substantial improvement when compared to headgear. A Herbst device is utilized together with conventional braces or removable, transparent aligners, such as Invisalign. For additional information on how this Invisalign for malocclusion works, contact our team.

How does the herbst appliance work?

In your first appointment, our dental team will assess your jaw and teeth to find out whether you are a good candidate to receive a Herbst device, then an appointment to apply the device can be scheduled. Usually, the Herbst device is placed on the molars. This approach is normally very simple, but a local anesthetic might also be used to make sure you are comfortable throughout the application procedure. The Herbst device combined with orthodontic treatment is successful as it moves the jaw and the teeth at the same time, working as a crossbite aligner to straighten your bite and teeth. The apparatus and orthodontics are often worn for 12 – 15 months. However, this timeframe can vary based on your specific goals and case.

What happens once the herbst appliance is placed?

You might experience some mild soreness or tenderness in your gums following your treatment; however, in time, these symptoms will fade away. If you experience severe pain or tissue inflammation, you can make an appointment so we can correct the device. You should not attempt to correct the device by yourself as it may cause further damage or irritation to your mouth. From time to time, a very simple application or orthodontic wax is all that is necessary to alleviate the problem. You are also advised to eat soft food for the initial 1 – 2 weeks following your therapy. Our experienced team also suggests that you avoid hard candy and gum, in addition to sticky or hard food. The outcomes of the Invisalign Herbst device are long-term since it improves your teeth and general jaw function.

Does insurance cover the herbst appliance?

Insurance coverage will differ according to your policy and insurer; therefore, we'll get in touch with your insurance company to figure out your benefits and compute your remaining expenses. If you do not have insurance, then a member of our financial team can speak with you regarding the payments we take, such as medical financing.

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Herbst Appliance FAQ

How painful is the Invisalign Herbst appliance? 
When wearing the Invisalign Herbst appliance, you shouldn't experience any pain. It is common to feel soreness in the jaw while your mouth adjusts to having the appliance in place. If you're worried about the pain you'll experience, contact our team so we can go over the process in detail to decide if this procedure is right for you.

Will this Invisalign for malocclusion change my face? 
This treatment method slowly repositions the low jaw forward. While the jaw moves, these crossbite aligners allow time for the jaw to grow and find balance with the rest of the face. While your bite will change, your jaw will adapt, leaving your face the same.

How can I properly brush my teeth with Herbst crossbite aligners? 
It may be challenging to brush your teeth once the Herbst appliance is placed. Cleaning your appliance with your toothbrush, in conjunction with rinsing your mouth, is ideal. A Waterpik® can also aid in cleaning and removing food particles from around your appliance.

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For more information on the Invisalign Herbst appliance and complementary orthodontic options, schedule an appointment with Rosenberg Orthodontics at one of our Hartford County facilities. Our team is happy to sit with you to create a treatment program that can greatly enhance your dental health.

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