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what are traditional metal braces?

Thanks to modern technology and several orthodontic improvements, conventional metal braces are more affordable and comfortable than ever. Rosenberg Orthodontics provides a selection of orthodontic treatments to accommodate the different wants and needs of our Hartford County. CT patients. Traditional braces provide fun customizations that are not possible with clear, removable aligners, such as clear ceramic braces and Invisalign. A number of our patients choose metal braces as it helps them to display their personality by selecting colored bands. This is particularly an enjoyable feature for younger patients and teenagers who are going to their school sports games as they can show their spirit. To find out more about getting traditional metal braces in Connecticut, schedule an appointment at your nearest Rosenberg Orthodontics location.

What Are the Benefits of Traditional Metal Braces?

With advances in orthodontics, such as Invisalign® teeth straightening, many might think "What is the benefit of traditional metal braces, then?" There are many, in fact. While there are clear advantages to clear aligners and other advanced orthodontics treatments, there are a range of benefits for traditional metal braces, and many of our patients still prefer traditional metal braces. Some benefits of braces include:

  • Strong and durable and not likely to break
  • More affordable than other orthodontic options
  • Customizable with colored bands
  • Work quickly

Who should get traditional metal braces?

Classic metal braces are an excellent option for both children and adults. Our traditional braces are crafted from top-grade stainless steel archwires and mounts that are strategically positioned to give you the beautiful smile you want. Ideal candidates for traditional braces are typically teens or adults with one or more of the following dental concerns:

  • Jaw misalignment
  • Gapped or crowded teeth
  • An over-bite or under-bite
  • Protruding teeth

During the application process, our team utilizes high-quality elastic bands that do not readily snap and are easy to put on. In your appointment, we will discuss your orthodontic treatment choices and help you pick the method that matches your goals.

Absolutely wonderful staff always willing to help in the best way they can with appointments for busy parents. My son still has his braces in and his teeth looks so awesome already can’t wait until it’s out. Thank you to the doctors and staff 😊

N.S. Facebook

Both of my kids have had braces with Dr. Rosenberg and both have beautiful smiles! All of the staff is friendly, helpful and patient. Thank you to all of them. And yes, I do recommend them!

J.C. Facebook

Absolutely wonderful staff always willing to help in the best way they can with appointments for busy parents. My son still has his braces in and his teeth looks so awesome already can’t wait until it’s out. Thank you to the doctors and staff

N.S. Facebook

10/10 definitely recommend! I love Dr Rosenberg. He helped me close a huge gap I had and I love my new smile. I always recommend him when people ask who did my braces. When my son gets older and if he needs braces and Dr Rosenberg is not retired, I’m definitely taking him to see him because he’s the best.

D. Google

AMAZING!!! Highly recommend. I went to Rosenberg Orthodontics 21 years ago for braces then a few years later my oldest daughter got expanders/ braces, 2 years later my second daughter got expanders at age 10-11 and then braces on at 13 and now my son had to have an expander at 9 years old son and it went great. Unfortunately, my family has narrow mouths but, the experience with this office is 100% professional, they take pride in their work and care about each patient!

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How are braces applied?

Following your initial consultation, an individualized treatment program will be created for your particular case. When you return to receive your braces, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and prepped before your metal brackets are applied. After we have brushed the bonding agent on your teeth, then your metal braces will be put on. Once all the mounts are done, the wire will be threaded through them. Then, you will have the ability to select your preferred band color(s). The small elastics keep the wires connected to the braces, and the application procedure generally moves quite fast and patients feel little to no discomfort. You should expect to revisit Rosenberg Orthodontics around once a month to receive adjustments and progress checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to wear braces?

On average, most patients will need to wear their braces for 1 – 2 years; however, the length of time you may need to wear braces will depend on your orthodontic needs and unique goals. Following the recommendations provided by our Rosenberg Orthodontics team can help ensure your treatment is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What foods should I avoid when wearing braces?

It is important to avoid eating certain types of foods when wearing metal braces to help prevent the wires and brackets from becoming damaged. These include hard foods like nuts, popcorn, pretzels, carrots, and hard candies, along with sticky and chewy foods such as gum, caramel, and bagels. We can further discuss what foods to avoid on the day your braces are applied.

Do traditional braces work the same as clear teeth aligners?

Both metal braces and clear teeth aligners work by placing gentle pressure on the teeth to guide them into their ideal positions. There may be some instances where traditional braces or clear aligners may be recommended over the other. Often, however, patients have the option of choosing between the two. During your consultation visit, our orthodontists can explain your options thoroughly and help you determine the optimal treatment for your teeth.

Can I play sports while wearing braces?

Yes, you can still play sports while wearing braces, but wearing a mouthguard is highly recommended to protect your braces and teeth from potential damage. A mouthguard can help cushion any impact on your mouth, reducing the risk of broken brackets or wires and injuries to your gums and cheeks. 

How do I keep my braces clean?

Keeping your braces clean is crucial for your oral health and the success of your treatment. Brush your teeth after every meal using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, and floss daily with a floss threader or orthodontic floss to remove plaque and food particles from under the wires and between the braces. 

Will wearing braces affect how I talk?

Initially, some patients might notice a slight change in their speech after getting braces, but this is usually temporary. Most people quickly adapt to the braces and return to speaking normally within a few days.

How do you care for braces?

Traditional braces may make flossing and cleaning your teeth more difficult. That is why good oral hygiene is important to your orthodontic therapy. After your braces are put on, a member of our team will instruct you on how to clean your teeth and provide you with helpful tips. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you floss and brush your teeth after each meal. Maintaining all of your appointments and bi-annual dental cleanings may also help you achieve optimal outcomes.

Once your treatment is complete, we will take the braces off and fit your teeth for a retainer. Your retainer will help keep your teeth in their new position. Our team can help you choose the perfect retainer to fit your needs.

what is considered an emergency for braces?

When you have an issue with your braces, there is no need to panic. You might have the ability to address many issues temporarily on your own until you can schedule an appointment at our office. These issues do not have to create a delay in your therapy. If you think you cannot fix your orthodontic issue, please contact us.

Loose Band or Bracket
In the event the bracket or band remains connected to the wire, then leave it where it is. If it is causing discomfort, put sugarless gum or orthodontic wax on it. Occasionally, you may be able to take off the elastic using tweezers so you can detach the mount from the archwire.

Loose Wire
Attempt to push the cord into position with tweezers. If that does not work, clip the archwire with fingernail clippers or little cable cutters beyond the tooth that it is firmly attached to. If it is causing pain, place sugarless gum or orthodontic wax on it.

Poking Wire
Put sugarless gum or orthodontic wax on the archwire.

You may experience some discomfort for many days following every office visit. Chew carefully on sugarless gum following appointments to reduce discomfort. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water or take nonprescription pain medication as necessary.

Loose Appliance
In the event the appliance is poking or sticking you, then set sugarless gum or orthodontic wax over it to keep it in place.

What does insurance cover on braces?

When compared to other treatments, conventional metal braces for Connecticut adults and teens are generally less costly. At your consultation, we will discuss your treatment choices and cost quotes so that you may pick the method that best meets your goals and budget. If you are using insurance, we will talk to your provider to confirm your policy and calculate your out-of-pocket expenses. If you do not have insurance, then Rosenberg Orthodontics takes several payment methods and we will be able to help you to find medical financing.

Straighter teeth with traditional metal braces

In the past several years, there have been several improvements in orthodontic and dental care for individuals of all ages. Nevertheless, metal braces are still among the most effective methods at Rosenberg Orthodontics. To schedule an appointment to learn more about traditional metal braces in Hartford County, CT, get in touch with your nearest location.

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