Orchestrate 3D in Hartford County, CT

What is Orchestrate 3D?

Our modern dental practice is proud to employ the use of Orchestrate 3D technology, enabling our dental staff to create your clear aligners for orthodontia. Orchestrate 3D allows Rosenberg Orthodonitcs to facilitate the design and manufacture of your dental appliances, helping us maintain independence from third parties. If you're looking for a dental office that can perform all the necessary steps to your orthodontia treatment including scanning, designing, and delivering your clear aligners, contact Rosenberg Orthodonitics. Schedule an appointment and ask about Orchestrate 3D orthodontics in Hartford County, CT.

What Are the Benefits of Orchestrate 3D?

Many of our patients find convenience is the primary benefit of choosing a dentist who utilizes Orchestrate 3D for clear aligners. Orchestrate 3D allows you to complete the entire orthodontic process from our office. This allows us to do the following from our Rosenberg Orthodontics locations:

  • Provide accurate delivery times
  • Create new orthodontic appliances when needed
  • Fix damaged orthodontic appliances

Orchestrate 3D is an advanced technology that allows your orthodontic treatment plan and appliances to be created for your needs.

Who are the candidates for Orchestrate 3D?

Misaligned teeth are not only less attractive, but they can also mean trouble for the long-term health of your smile. If you are interested in clear aligners in Hartford County, CT, to straighten your teeth and help you flash a healthier and more beautiful smile, then Orchestrate 3D technology may be employed to help create your clear teeth aligners. Ideal candidates for Orchestrate 3D are:

  • Individuals with misaligned teeth
  • Those who desire to forego the appearance of traditional orthodontic methods
  • Individuals wanting to avoid the dietary restrictions associated with braces

To learn if Orchestrate 3D can benefit your smile, make an appointment at Rosenberg Orthodontics and speak to one of our experienced orthodontists.

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Dr Rosenberg did a phenomenal job on my children’s teeth. One of my boys was routine but my other son lost his two front teeth playing football. Not only did Dr Rosenberg straighten out his teeth while missing the front two but also created a Pontic so nobody could tell he was missing teeth. It wasn’t easy but he did his job well and always with a smile. His staff is also very kind and understanding and will always do their best to accommodate you when life’s little mishaps occur. We can’t say enough kind words about Dr Rosenberg, Laura and the rest of his staff. Top notch Orthodontist

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How does Orchestrate 3D Work?

During a thorough consultation, our team will scan your teeth to create 3D digital images that will enable us to design and produce your sets of clear aligners. When the designs are complete, they are 3D printed and can sometimes be delivered on the same day. You will need to wear your aligners for at least 20 hours a day, ideally only removing them to eat or clean your teeth. When your teeth have moved into a more ideal position, your next digital scans and subsequent new aligners can be created. The process continues until your teeth have reached their desired position. Most patients will be under treatment for several months to a year or more, depending on their orthodontic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Orchestrate aligners differ from other clear aligners?

The biggest difference between Orchestrate aligners and other clear aligners is that the entire process, from 3D scans to making the clear aligners, is completed at our practice.

What happens if I lose my clear aligners?

That's the great thing about using Orchestrate 3D for clear aligner therapy — if you lose an aligner, simply contact our office and we will create a new one for you. It's that easy!

How long will my orthodontic treatment take with Orchestrate 3D?

Like most treatments for misaligned teeth, the time you will need to wear your clear aligners will depend solely on your unique orthodontic needs. Our team will assess your teeth and jawbone before making a recommendation on how long you may need to wear your orthodontic appliance.

What happens after Orchestrate 3D Treatment?

When your teeth have reached their ideal position and your bite is aligned,  it is important to ensure your teeth do not shift back out of position. When you use Orchestrate orthodontics in Hartford County, CT, we will provide you with a retainer created by the same technology to wear once your treatment is complete. Our team will discuss with you how often and how long to wear your retainer when you receive it. During your subsequent orthodontia appointments at Rosenberg Orthodontics, we will continue to check on the alignment of your teeth and state of your bite to ensure your teeth remain healthy.

What does Orchestrate 3D Treatment Cost?

Orchestrate orthodontics in Hartford County, CT, offers patients a solution where their clear aligners are produced in-house at their dental office. Consequently, the cost of Orchestrate 3D orthodontia treatment is smaller than similar clear aligner alternatives. The specific cost of your treatment regimen will be based on how long your treatment is required and how many aligners must be created. Your dental insurance may cover a portion of the costs of your orthodontia. Our team will contact your provider to understand your benefits and calculate any remaining costs. We also accept other convenient forms of payment if you do not have dental insurance.

Advanced Orthodontia Through Orchestrate 3D

Straighter, healthier teeth are an essential element of your self-confidence and your overall well-being. If your teeth are misaligned, clear aligners in Hartford County, CT, may be an ideal choice to help straighten your smile. Orchestrate 3D can help create your clear aligners and allows our orthodontic office to operate independently of 3rd parties. If you're interested in learning more about Orchestrate 3D to straighten your smile, then contact Rosenberg Orthodontics and speak to a friendly member of our staff about scheduling a consultation.

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