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What are Athletic Mouth Guards?

Braces and other orthodontic treatments are a major investment in the appearance and health of your smile, which is the reason why our dental team recommends athletic mouth guards. When playing contact sports (hockey, football, wrestling) or sports with a high likelihood of harm to your mouth (basketball, skateboarding, soccer), a custom-made mouth guard can shield your orthodontics in addition to your gums, teeth, and jaw. To learn more about custom orthodontic mouth guards, schedule an appointment with our Hartford County, CT team.


Orthodontic mouth guards offer a variety of benefits to patients seeking protection for their braces and other orthodontic appliances. Some of the most common advantages of orthodontic mouth guards include:

  • Prevent serious injury
  • Protects dental restorations
  • Protects your natural teeth
  • Protects the soft tissues in your mouth

Who Needs an Orthodontic Mouth Guard?

Athletic mouth guards are made especially to fit and shield your mouth. Store-bought mouth guards normally do not fit comfortably and aren't intended to work with orthodontic treatments. Patients should wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth during contact sports or high-risk activities, such as skateboarding or rollerblading. A number of our patients also say an ill-fitting guard pushes against their gums and teeth, which can be distracting during their sports. If you have any of the below orthodontic appliances, you may benefit from a consultation with a dental provider about a mouth guard:

  • Traditional Metal braces
  • Clear or Ceramic braces
  • Aligners

Our team at Rosenberg Orthodontics knows how important it is to choose the perfect protective equipment. Protecting your braces and other orthodontic appliances with a mouth guard for sports can help shield your teeth and gums from trauma or injury.

How Are Mouth guards for Braces Made?

When you have made the choice to receive a mouth guard, we will take a set of pictures (electronic x-rays and dental impressions) to be sent out to a dental lab. Our mouth guards are made from high-quality substances. When the guard is ready, you can come back to get a fitting so we can make small alterations until it is fitted properly. We recommend that you begin this process well before the start of your sports season so that you can have protection without delay.

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What Can I Expect With a Sports Mouth Guard?

As soon as your mouth guard is created and fitted, a member of our team will discuss with you how to look after your guard. To prolong the life span of your mouth guard, you must clean it before and after each use. It is also advisable to keep it in a secure, dry location when you are not wearing it. We request that you bring your guard with you to every appointment so that we can examine it for wear and also make suggestions for a replacement or repairs. For sports with higher contact or danger of harm, you might require a fresh guard prior to each season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of injuries can an athletic mouth guard protect against?

It is important to protect your teeth when playing sports if you have braces or other orthodontic appliances. A custom orthodontic mouth guard can help protect against injuries to the teeth, tongue, and other soft tissues of your mouth. Some injuries that a custom orthodontic mouth gaud can help protect against while playing contact sports like soccer, hockey, and football include:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Missing teeth that were knocked out
How long do orthodontic mouth guards last?

Because the ultimate goal is to move your teeth into optimal positions, orthodontic mouth guards typically last about a year due to your teeth changing positions. If you are still playing contact sports when your teeth shift, our team will recommend being re-fitted for a new mouth guard. Your dentists will assess the fit and condition of your mouth guard during your regular appointments.

Are custom mouth guards better than store-bought boil and bite guards?

Yes, mouth guards for braces will fit better than boil and bite guards. We do not recommend using boil and bite mouth guard with orthodontics, as it could damage your dental appliances.

Does Insurance Cover Mouth Guards?

At your consultation, we will talk about price quotes and what payments we accept. If necessary, we can provide info about medical financing to make your mouth guard easier to afford. If you are using dental insurance, we will contact your insurer to determine your coverage before calculating your personal expenses.

Protect Your Teeth From Damage

Protect the health of your teeth, jaw, gums, and orthodontics with a custom-made mouth guard for sports from Rosenberg Orthodontics. Your mouth guard is going to keep you protected and comfortable while playing contact sports. Orthodontic mouth guards can help protect the teeth and orthodontic appliances of Hartford County, CT patients while playing contact sports. To see if you could benefit from a athletic mouth guard, contact our team today to schedule a consultation. 

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