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What is surgical orthodontics?

Orthodontic surgery is a form of treatment that can help to fix complex dental problems in teens and adults over age 16 years who have fully developed jaws. Though each individual situation changes, jaw surgery can be performed to correct common ailments, like an offset bite, facial deformities, or a malocclusion. Normally, the process also includes braces or an oral appliance following surgery. Our dental team is experienced and highly trained in executing orthodontic surgery. Rosenberg Orthodontics has advanced dental equipment to provide you with excellent care with corrective jaw surgery and using removable aligners or conventional braces. To find out more about orthodontic surgery, schedule an appointment at one of our practices in Hartford County.

Who needs orthodontic surgery?

If you have a bad bite or misaligned jaw, this may lead to both cosmetic and functional issues that may negatively affect your life. Such conditions might include being unable to eat solid food or chew correctly, trouble speaking, intense pain, and much more. Orthodontic surgery can fix the jaw alignment; however, removable aligners or traditional braces will be required to correct the alignment of your teeth. Our team will conduct a comprehensive consultation and make a personalized treatment program that is unique to your needs.

What happens during orthodontic surgery?

Orthodontic surgery will be completed with general anesthesia and might take a few hours to finish. When you are cleared to return home, we recommend that you rest and plan to take two weeks for your full recovery. Your follow-up visit will generally be suggested for two weeks following your operation. Your exams are crucial since they permit us to look at your progress. As soon as your jaw is ready, aligners or traditional braces will be put into place, and they are normally needed for approximately 6 – 12 months.

How do you recover from orthodontic surgery?

A member of our team will speak with you regarding how to correctly care for your mouth after surgery. If you have any questions concerning how to look after your incisions, if you are concerned about side effects, or if you suspect you have an infection, please contact our office promptly. Every individual who has an operation of any type has the possibility for complications and we would like to help make your treatment and recovery as smooth as possible.

What does orthodontic surgery cost?

Your insurance coverage will vary, depending on your condition, treatment, and policy so we will get in touch with your insurer to ascertain your benefits and projected personal expenses. If you are not using insurance, then we can speak with you about the payment methods we take and medical financing.

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Corrective jaw surgery

Rosenberg Orthodontics would like to help you to get a confident and beautiful smile. Although corrective jaw surgery is generally a final resort, sometimes it is essential. Our skilled dentists will have the ability to explore all of your choices. To find out more about orthodontic surgery, schedule an appointment at one of our practices in Hartford County.

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