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Corrective Jaw Surgery Hartford County, CT

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What is Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Occasionally, conventional orthodontics (removable aligners or metal braces) alone can't treat complex cases, which include a misaligned bite, deformities of the jaw or mouth, and malocclusion (extreme overbites). One or more of these issues may cause the chin to stick out or the jaw to become off-set, causing both aesthetic flaws and functional difficulties. Our skilled dental team is experienced at performing surgery to correct the jaw (also referred to as simple jaw or orthognathic surgery) to improve these problems and restore your dental well-being. In this process at Rosenberg Orthodontics, both the cartilage, bone, and tissues around the lower face may be reshaped, manipulated, and/or augmented, so the teeth and jaw are correctly aligned. To find out more information on jaw surgery or other orthodontic choices, schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Hartford County.

Who Is a Candidate for Orthognathic Surgery?

You could be a candidate for jaw surgery if your chin is developed improperly or disproportionate, for bite misalignment, an offset jaw, facial deformities, along with other problems. A few of the symptoms that you might encounter are problems biting or chewing, trouble talking, pain in the jaw joint (TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder), obvious protrusion of your chin, or difficulties breathing (sleep apnea). Speak to a specialist regarding your concerns and medical background so we can determine whether you might benefit from jaw surgery.

How Is Jaw Surgery Performed?

Before developing your treatment program, we will conduct a comprehensive examination. We will also take x-rays to ascertain what surgical methods will work. Your surgery will be done with general anesthesia in a licensed surgical facility. This operation can take a few hours to finish because it involves the manipulation of bone and cartilage. Generally, minor incisions will be created on the inside of your mouth so that you should not have visible scars. Cuts are made in your jawbone so that the pieces may be adjusted to the appropriate position. Surgical screws, plates, and wires are used to keep your jaw in its place. Bone grafts could also be required to augment your jaw.

What Can I expect During Jaw Surgery Recovery?

Following jaw surgery, you will need to have a family member or friend pick you up and take you home. We recommend that you take approximately 1 – 3 weeks to recover and rest before returning to school or work. In your consultation, we will discuss surgical instructions, such as pain medication, diet limitations, and the best way to rinse your mouth. It is also wise to plan follow-up visits after your operation, which will allow us to evaluate your progress. In the event you encounter any symptoms of an infection, please contact us right away. Your jaw will most likely require about three months to heal completely. Afterward, your orthodontic treatment may be initiated. Learn more about corrective jaw surgery in Hartford County, CT by scheduling a consultation.

Does Insurance Cover Orthognathic Surgery?

Several dental insurance companies do consider jaw surgery medically necessary since it mostly acts to enhance function rather than correct aesthetic defects. Based on your situation, we will talk with your insurance provider about your dental realignment surgery and advise you on the sort of policy you might get. For personal expenses, Rosenberg Orthodontics takes several payments, such as medical financing.

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Corrective Jaw Surgery FAQ

How long is the recovery time with corrective jaw surgery?
It's common that you'll require at least two weeks off from surgery. However, some patients can return to their semi-normal routine after one week. To learn more about your recovery, contact one of our surgery on the teeth mouth and jaw specialists.

Does dental realignment surgery hurt?
Many patients feel some kind of discomfort after dental realignment surgery. However, your pain can be managed with pain medications. After around 10 days, you should start to feel the discomfort subside.

How long will the surgery take?
The length of the surgery will vary from patient to patient. However, if you only need upper or lower jaw surgery, it can commonly take around 1 - 2 hours. If you need corrective jaw surgery in Hartford County, CT schedule an appointment with our team to get started.

Improve Oral Function and Aesthetics

Surgery for jaw correction does not just address aesthetic problems, which may be brought about by a crooked, protruding, or recessed chin. It also restores proper teeth use and will help improve speech and breathing. Our dental team is extremely skilled at executing corrective jaw surgery, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us at one of our Hartford County locations of Rosenberg Orthodontics.

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