What Happens if You go a Year Without Adjusting Your Metal Braces?

By: Rosenberg Team


Traditional metal braces require regular adjustments from an orthodontist. If you wait more than a year without maintenance, it can lead to problems and even set back your treatment timeline.

So, how often should you see an orthodontist, and how long can you go without adjusting your braces? A trained professional can answer these questions and more during a consultation.

Rosenberg Orthodontics is experienced in helping patients in Hartford County get back on track with their treatment and enjoy beautiful smiles. Learn about our processes by scheduling an appointment in West Hartford, Canton, Newington, or Wethersfield – we’d be glad to help.

How do traditional metal braces work?

Braces are composed of two main parts: brackets and archwires. The brackets are affixed to the front of each tooth, and the archwire runs between them. As time passes, the archwire places gentle pressure on the teeth, so they move into their desired positions. People with jaw alignment problems, over- or under-bites, gapped or crowded teeth, or protruding teeth all benefit from metal braces.

Why are regular adjustments important?

Regular adjustments help ensure that your treatment is progressing as it should. Without maintenance, the archwire can remain in the same position for too long and fail to exert enough pressure on the teeth. Your teeth may even move back into their original positions. This is why patients with metal braces should rarely (if ever) skip an appointment.

How often should you see an orthodontist?

Many of our patients want to know – how often should you see an orthodontist in West Hartford, Canton, Newington, or Wethersfield? And how long can you go without adjusting your braces? The answer depends on the individual, but most people should schedule time at Rosenberg Orthodontics every 4 – 6 weeks. We can ensure that your braces are working properly and assess your overall progress.

A consultation is also a great time to talk about your treatment plan. We can let you know how much longer it will take for your teeth to be properly aligned and provide tips and advice on taking care of your braces.

How to clean and care for your metal braces

In addition to attending regular appointments every 4 – 6 weeks, patients should keep their metal braces clean and in good condition. Doing so will reduce your risk of developing decay or gum disease between visits. We recommend the following:

  • Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth in between meals: Food particles can get stuck between your teeth and around the brackets. Brush or rinse your mouth to avoid decay.
  • Floss daily: Use a floss threader to gently clean between the wires and around each bracket. Our orthodontists can show you the proper technique.
  • Cut down on sugary snacks and drinks: Sugary foods and beverages increase your risk of decay, so limit them as much as possible.

Call our team for an adjustment

So, how long can you go without adjusting your braces? We understand you have questions, and we are here to answer them in Hartford County. Contact Rosenberg Orthodontics to learn about our traditional metal braces and if they can help you achieve your dream smile. We serve patients in West Hartford, Canton, Newington, and Wethersfield. Our practice is ready to help give you the smile you deserve.

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