What Happens if My Teen Loses Their Invisalign® Aligner?

By: Rosenberg Team


Accidents happen, and losing an Invisalign clear aligner is a common issue many teens face. If your teen loses their aligner, the first step is to remain calm and contact your Hartford County, CT orthodontist right away. Panicking won't help, but quick action will. At Rosenberg Orthodontics, our team is ready to help you navigate this situation smoothly and keep your teen's Invisalign treatment plan on track. It's important to remember that timely intervention can prevent any significant delays in treatment. With professional guidance, your teen can quickly get back on track and continue their journey toward a perfect smile.

How can I replace lost Invisalign clear aligners?

The most crucial step is to contact Rosenberg Orthodontics. Our team can assess the situation and determine the best possible course of action. Often, if your teen is close to moving on to the next set of Invisalign trays, our team may advise them to start using the new set early. Alternatively, a replacement aligner may be necessary if they just started with their current set. In either case, prompt communication with the orthodontist ensures that the Invisalign process continues with minimal disruption.

Will losing a clear aligner affect my child's Invisalign Teen progress?

Losing an aligner can potentially delay your teen's treatment, but the impact can be minimized with quick action. We will guide you through the process of getting a replacement aligner or transitioning to the next set of Invisalign Teen aligners. By following the orthodontist's instructions, your teen can stay on track with their treatment plan. Consistency in wearing the aligners is key to achieving the desired results within the expected timeframe. Regular follow-ups can ensure minor delays are quickly corrected. This proactive approach helps maintain the treatment's momentum and ensures your teen's smile progresses as planned.

How can my teen prevent losing their Invisalign aligner again?

Preventing the loss of clear aligners involves creating good habits. Encourage your teen to always store their aligners in the provided case when not in use, rather than placing them on napkins, tables, or other surfaces where they might be forgotten or accidentally discarded. Developing a routine can significantly reduce the risk of losing aligners. Additionally, educating your teen about the importance of their Invisalign treatment plan can motivate them to be more cautious and responsible with their aligners. Reinforcing these habits can help instill a sense of accountability in your teen. Furthermore, having a designated storage spot for the aligner case at home can minimize misplacement risk.

Call Rosenberg Orthodontics for lost Invisalign aligners

If, despite your best efforts, the clear aligner remains missing, contact Rosenberg Orthodontics in Hartford County, CT for further guidance. Our team will provide you with the next steps, whether it involves moving to the next Invisalign aligner set or ordering a replacement. The goal is to keep their Invisalign Teen journey as smooth as possible. Staying proactive and in close communication with your orthodontist is crucial in managing any hiccups along the way. If your teen loses their Invisalign clear aligner, don't hesitate to reach out for prompt assistance and professional advice. Contact Rosenberg Orthodontics today to learn more about Invisalign for teens to keep their smiles shining bright.

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