Getting to Know the Doctors of Rosenberg Orthodontics

By: Rosenberg Team


Here at Rosenberg Orthodontics, our mission is to give you the best and most affordable smile possible. We take pride in offering quality and effective orthodontic treatment, and that can’t be possible without the hard work and dedication our dental staff gives every day to ensure you have the best orthodontic care possible in Connecticut, and that includes our skilled doctors.

Drs. Barry Rosenberg, Jeff Theis, and Daenya Edwards bring more than 30 years of serving the community and more than 70 years of combined expertise in dental and orthodontic services to Rosenberg Orthodontics, giving our patients the confidence to trust us with their care as well as the care of their loved ones.

While getting to know our doctors a little more, we asked them a series of questions about what they like most about their profession and Rosenberg Orthodontics. Here is what they had to say.

What sets Rosenberg Orthodontics apart from other practices?

Dr. Rosenberg: From the moment you make contact with Rosenberg Orthodontics, you'll realize that you've come to the right place for any type of orthodontic treatment. The initial contact with our friendly team will make you feel comfortable. When you meet the doctors of Rosenberg Orthodontics, you will feel you are being heard, and your concerns will be successfully met and handled in the most efficient manner.

Dr. Edwards: Being great at creating beautiful healthy smiles. We treat every patient as we would our own family members.

What about your work is most satisfying?

Dr. Rosenberg: Having our patients finish their treatment with a beautiful smile and seeing the gratitude on their faces! Watching patients grow up and develop confidence from their smile transformation. Treating multiple people in the same family who all finish with beautiful smiles. Having been an orthodontist for almost 40 years, I have treated multiple generations in families. You feel like you are part of their family.

Dr. Theis: Helping people achieve a great smile.

What are the benefits of being seen in-office for orthodontic treatment rather than a "delivered-to-your-door" type solution?

Dr. Rosenberg: Excellence in orthodontic treatment requires a proper clinical diagnosis and a meeting of the minds of the patient and doctor. We meet with our patients in a private setting to establish the problems they are looking to correct. We present treatment options, from which they select the plan that works best for them. As the treatment proceeds, we maintain this communication to ensure the patient is fully aware and satisfied with their progression. This level of doctor-patient communication cannot occur with a fully remote aligner product.

Dr. Edwards: As a specialist, I can see potential problems that patients can’t, and I can tailor their plan to get a faster and better outcome. It prevents a lot of frustration on the patient's part.

It's important that patients know their treatment options and also how those options vary in budget. Is it safe to say that there is always a solution that is customizable to patients’ needs? Please explain:

Dr. Rosenberg: We customize treatment options for our patients based on their orthodontic needs and finances. We have different aligner and braces solutions that can fit almost any budget. We are very flexible with financial solutions that allow patients to finance their treatment plans over years and use their flexible spending accounts as much as possible.

Dr. Theis: There are usually several viable treatment options. We present these options along with the pros and cons of each, and help patients choose what is best for them.

What types of aligner systems do you offer, and how are they different from one another?

Dr. Rosenberg: We use Invisalign® treatment for comprehensive cases and our house-made aligners for milder cases. This allows us to save the patient time and money when the case allows.

Dr. Edwards: We use two aligner systems. Invisalign aligners for moderate to complex cases and Orchestrate 3D for milder misalignment. Both are very effective.

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It’s clear from our doctors’ answers that patient priority is the top concern at Rosenberg Orthodontics. We are always happy to help you find the best treatment plan possible to give you the smile you deserve that fits into your budget and needs. Contact one of our Rosenberg Orthodontics facilities in West Hartford, Canton, Wethersfield, or Newington, CT today for a full consultation.

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