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Clear Aligners with Rosenberg Ortho-Patient Testimonials

Check out how happy Rosenberg Orthodontics patients are!! We really do make them SMILE!!!

Video Transcription

Cathy G.:
My name is Kathy Gibson. I'm a children's author. One day I was looking at some photos taken from one of the book signing events, and I noticed that my teeth were overlapping. And so at that moment, I just knew that I wanted to do something about it. And I saw Dr. Rosenberg's advertisement. And then once I met him and we spoke about the process of what needs to be done, it wasn't going to affect my public speaking at all. And it just put me at ease and he's just so professional, so kind. And I just really felt like he was an old friend. My teeth are getting better and better each day. I wear the Invisalign still right now I have a couple more packets to go, but I can't be any happier.

Kelley C.:
My name is Kelley Catana and I came to Rosenberg Orthodontics for the Express Your Smile experience. I had braces when I was in high school, but over time as an adult, my teeth had started to shift and do a little more crowding. So I thought that instead of having braces as an adult, aligners might be a better option. It's a little less involved and a little less obvious. I'm really happy that I decided to do it because I'm a lot more confident now.

Maris L.:
As a real estate agent, I am meeting people every day and feel that a first impression is of the utmost importance. Not only am I selling homes, but I'm selling myself. When I was younger, I did have braces and I didn't keep up with my retainers. And over time, my teeth moved. So as an adult, I had straight teeth, but they were not as straight as they were when I was younger or as they should be. I put off doing anything about straightening my teeth because as an adult, I did not want to have braces again. So having braces wasn't really an option until I learned about Invisalign. When I first came to Rosenberg Orthodontics, I felt that they were very professional and that they were going to give me the result that I was looking for.

Judy R.:
I started having problems with food getting caught on my bottom teeth. And it was suggested at that time that I consider Invisalign. I was worried about the effect it would have on my job as a speech pathologist. And I work full-time and I'm right in front of people all day long. I didn't know if it would affect my speech and my presentation because I have to be a model of speech. I came in to see Dr. Rosenberg being very familiar with his practice. I took three of my kids in for braces over the years. I knew him very well and he put a lot of my concerns to rest. He showed me pictures. He showed me very realistic expectations of what my outcomes would be. He really made me feel comfortable about everything.

Polly D.:
I used to anchor the news. And as a result, I've always had to be pretty aware of how I look or how my teeth look. And I'd had braces as a kid, but I thought you know what? I think I wanted to look just a little bit better. I had so many friends recommend Rosenberg. I'm from the south. And so it's important to me to be around friendly people and energy. And I am telling you, the second I walk in the door here at Rosenberg, they are nothing but kind and warm and friendly and very professional.