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Braces with Rosenberg Orthodontics!

Our own Nexy describes the process of getting braces at Rosenberg!

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Nexy. I've been with Rosenberg Orthodontics since 2011. We are excited to create your beautiful smile with braces. We offer two style of braces. Clear braces are designed for patients that are concerned about wearing traditional metal braces. These clear ceramic braces blend with the color of your teeth. We also offer traditional metal braces. Patients change colors or ties on their braces to fit any occasion. The colors are changed every eight weeks. If you're looking for a neutral option, we offer gray ties that blends with the metal braces.

Once we're ready to place your braces, our friendly assistant will make you feel comfortable, explaining every step of the procedure. They will prepare your teeth, and our skilled doctor will position your braces. The best part is nothing hurts. At the conclusion of the procedure, we will all go over instructions on how to maintain your braces. It's at easy as that. Get ready to transform your smile.