Braces with Rosenberg Orthodontics Patient Testimonial

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Zoe W.:
I remember, before I got my braces on, I had a big gap in between my two front teeth. And I would look at it, and like, "It doesn't look good," but now I can see it's filling in really fast. My favorite part is changing the colors on my braces. They have so many different colors to choose from. When I first came here, the staff was very welcoming and supportive. And when I met Dr. Rosenberg, he made me feel like an individual, like not all the other kids are treated the same exact way. It just makes me feel good.

Sasha C.:
Most people are afraid to go to the dentist, but I knew what to expect, and it was really awesome. I was very excited to get my braces on because all my friends and my older sister had them, and I was very excited for my turn. Looking at my sister's beautiful smile, I can't wait to see what mine will turn out like.

Moriah R.:
My name's Moriah, and I'm 15. And I just got my braces off. And I was so happy with what I saw because I was finally able to smile. Before braces, I was self-conscious because of my crooked teeth, but since I got braces off, I can't stop smiling.

Emily H.:
I'm Emily, and I'm a senior. And I came to Rosenberg Orthodontist for my braces. When I first heard that I had to get braces, I was a little bit nervous. But when I first came into Rosenberg, I was really excited, and it was a nice welcoming environment. Before I got braces, I was really self-conscious of the gap that I had in between my two front teeth. And then, I came here, and now it's gone. Once I got my braces off, I got the new confidence that I needed going into high school. Nothing feels as good as a great smile. I get compliments about how big and beautiful my smile is, and it just makes me want to smile more.