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What is surgical invisalign?

Rosenberg Orthodontics performs surgical Invisalign to enhance the appearance and function of the jaw and teeth. Surgical Invisalign begins with corrective jaw surgery to fix the alignment. Unlike conventional corrective jaw surgery that uses jaw wiring, this process uses Invisalign clear, removable aligners. The procedure may be done on the lower or upper jaw and in certain instances, both in the same procedure. To find out more information on surgical Invisalign and determine whether it is right for your needs, schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Hartford County.

Who can get surgical invisalign?

Corrective jaw surgery with Invisalign is a safe and efficient remedy that combines all of the advantages of jaw wiring without undermining the look of an individual's smile. Usually, a "bad bite" (malocclusion) is brought on by the irregular or misaligned position of the jawbone. Thus, to be able to correct the misalignment, the jaw needs repositioning via surgery. Orthodontists generally utilize metal wiring to hold the jaw for this particular correction; however, our team employs clear aligners. This revolutionary therapy is customizable to your particular jaw shape and teeth arrangement for excellent outcomes.

Surgical Invisalign FAQ

How long does it take to recover from surgical Invisalign therapy?
Recovery time for surgical Invisalign therapy varies from person to person. It largely depends on how long it takes your body to heal. Our team at Rosenberg Orthodontics will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to make sure your healing stays on track.

Will I need to wear a retainer after I heal?
Yes, just like with traditional braces, your orthodontist may recommend wearing a retainer after your treatment is complete. Retainers are worn to prevent your teeth from moving back into their original position.

Can surgical Invisalign treat both my upper and lower jaw at the same time?
Clear aligners can be placed on both the upper and lower jaw during the same procedure. For additional questions, please schedule an appointment with our team.

How does surgical invisalign work?

Before your surgical Invisalign process, we will conduct a thorough consultation along with an examination. Surgical Invisalign is a specific treatment that should be done by a skilled dental professional who is Invisalign accredited. Rosenberg Orthodontics is pleased to carry such exclusive certifications that enable us to carry out the latest approach to enhance your smile. The surgical Invisalign procedure provides overall quicker recoveries and simpler programs than other surgical techniques.

After our dental team has obtained x-rays and impressions of your mouth, a personalized treatment program can be created. We will talk about your treatment choices and the specifics of your process in this meeting. 

How do you recover from surgical invisalign?

Each person is unique so your own healing process will be specific to you. Compared to conventional braces, surgical Invisalign takes less wear time and also has a much simpler application process. Your aftercare instructions and oral hygiene recommendations will be given to you by a member of our team. It is very important to follow your directions since they are intended to assist in your healing process. We will usually schedule your next appointment following your operation. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any concerns about your treatment or recovery.

Does insurance cover surgical invisalign?

We will talk with you about price estimates and potential insurance coverage for surgical Invisalign at your consultation. When you are using insurance, we will speak with your insurer to verify your policy prior to calculating your personal costs. If you are not using insurance, Rosenberg Orthodontics accepts many payments and we will be able to help you to find medical financing.

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Adjust your smile with surgical invisalign

There is a simple but state-of-the-art procedure for adjusting your smile by blending Invisalign and corrective jaw surgery. Our dental team is delighted to talk to you about how surgical Invisalign may help you attain a long-lasting and healthy smile. Schedule an appointment at Rosenberg Orthodontics in Hartford County to learn more.

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